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journey drumming music - journeying with laughing wolf​.​.​.

by carol weaver



Track List:
• journey one: a rising wind, 10-min with call back
• journey two: riding the wave, 20-min with rattle & call back
• journey three: diving deeper, 30min with call back

This is my first shamanic journey music drumming album with a powerful big frame drum named 'laughing wolf'... The three journeys on this album were recorded within sacred space with no overdubs and in real-time.. yes, i drummed continuously for each track...

I am honoured to be the caretaker and carrier of grandmother "laughing wolf"... who is a powerful 27-inch qilaut wind drum... this drum was lovinginly birthed by John Millen of Thunderheart Drums (now retired)...

This album was created to assist those on the shamanic path who wish to journey with her strong, sacred voice... Kalaallit elder and teacher Angaangaq shares a wonderful teaching of the qilaut:

..."Qilaut, the Eskimo wind drum, is a circle that has no beginning nor ending, in which we all belong... the great creator who made us, holds the handle and every time creator touches upon the rim, creator hears the heart-beat of humankind. The stronger the heartbeat the healthier humankind is."

These shamanic journey drumming tracks have received very postive feedback and high ratings... of which i'm very proud...

Thank you for having a listen and for supporting my work...
You can learn more about my work at www.drumweaver.com

Brightest blessings and i wish you well on your shamanic path of healing... happy journeying!

weaver x (((o)))

PS... i received this testimonial...............................

Gets better every time
When I downloaded and played these mp3 files, I thought they were okay. I am used to more repetitive and faster drumming.

I did like the introductory call and the call back at the end. I thought them to be very creative. They set the stage very well. The intros did a good job of conjuring an experience of being in the dark, in a natural setting aware from cities and modern man, and in an eerie middle world of altered consciousness rich with potential.

I thought of the sound as a sinuous rope with tassels at each end, the rope being the main drumming and the tassels the flourishes at the beginning and the end. It turns out that this is actual drumming, with no edited in loops to make the piece artificially monotonous. You can get electronically generated music for that. And, it turns out that actual, human-made drumming is a good thing.

At first listen I thought the recordings were one channel mono. I was thinking of importing them into a sound editor and making them at least two tracks of the same info, just to hear in both ears. I'm glad I didn't.

I listened to the recordings once when I was in a much deeper state of relaxation. I noticed that it was indeed in stereo, one side softer than the other, and combined they sounded as if they were on one side. But, there were subtleties in the stereo mix and it seemed the two played off each other.

When I listened again when I was in a deeply relaxed the drumming really carried me away. Then the drumming sounded as if it it was deep inside, not at a distance as the first time I listened. What I thought was a liability, the slight changes in drumming rhythm, turned out to be endlessly fascinating. I heard a series of rhythms of different frequencies running throughout the drumming thread. Remember biorhythms? It was like that. The main rhythm was fundamentally a duality, but there were subtle undertones. My body enjoyed it and was eager to play along in rhythm. The play of consciousness was quite remarkable.

I've come to believe that drumming is a unique and direct way to alter consciousness, quite different from breathing exercises or mantras. It's much more direct if experienced in the proper frame of mind.

These mp3s are three different experiences. The 20 minute and 30 minutes ones are similar, but the 10 minute one stands apart. I like them all; each has something different to offer.

Each time I listen to them, I find more in them. This album is a winner. I recommend getting all three so you can have the right length when you need it.

-- J. Tregarthen


released January 1, 2007

• Journey with Laughing Wolf © copyright 2007
• all rights reserved
• produced & arranged by carol weaver
• carol weaver, all vocals, drums, rattle, shaker, & the qilaut wind drum
• Recorded & engineered by Matthew Walsh
• cover photography by kathryn learie of www.owen-imaging.com


all rights reserved



(((o))) weaver Gabriola, British Columbia

...i'm a creative soul walking softly on our blessed earth mother's back...

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