blessed am i​.​.​. holy am i​.​.​. (chant)

by carol weaver



blessed am i... holy am i... (chant) 11:11

i first learned this wonderful chant while at a concert on saltspring island at a community concert about 20+ years ago - the night's encore was ended with this chant where everyone sang together = a beautiful moment i have never forgotten nor this chant...

i immediately fell in love with it and remembered from that day forward.... i love sharing it with others to sing and chant together honouring the deep love and light of who we truly are... we are sooo much more than a physical body yes!!!

please share this song with others and enjoy...

bright blessings with much love...
weaver x (((o)))



blessed am i - traditional chant

blessed am i
holy am i
i am the infinite within my self
i can find no beginning
i can find no end
oh, this i am

can be sung in a round...



released November 11, 2005
- weaver, vocals, hand slaps
- engineered by matthew walsh



all rights reserved