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apu song to the apukuna - shamanic music for meditation (50 mins)

by carol weaver



"Song to the Apukuna" ( or Apu Song) is a 50-minute shamanic music meditation song-prayer and call in honour of the sacred apu / apukuna (mountain) spirits. Ceremonially sung/chanted continuously in Quechua & English and played entirely on a powerful 27-inch Qilaut wind drum (frame drum)...

This meditative movement of sacred chant and drum opens with a 2-minute "call" in spoken word and rattle which opens to create "sacred space" by weaver, where, immediately following is the movement meditational chanting and drumming honouring each apu/mountain spirit...

"Apu" in Quechua means "mountain spirit" "Apukuna" is the plural - a sacred being that not only gives presence to the physical mountain but offers dialogue with a "paqo" (one who walks a spiritual path) who is in service to that apu... and one can be in service to more than one apu... The apukuna are the highest level of nature energy and are the most important spiritual guides within the Andean shamanic system...

See lyrics below...

My vision and sourcing of "song to the apukuna" comes from a very deep place from within our blessed earth mother, Pachamama, the Apukuna mountain spirits and the Q'ero mountain people of Peru - the last Inca... this is their song... a teaching and a gift... it is their call to us to remember who we truly are... to dream our becoming into being... to return to Ayni & once again walk in balance with all... within, around, above & below...

I dedicate this movement of music & song to don Manuel Quispe (1905-2004) & the Q'ero mountain people of Peru who have freely shared their medicine & love of our blessed earth mother, Pachamama... it has been truly an honour & a blessing to share this with all of you, my beautiful Ayllu...
-- weaver (((o)))

Note: This movement of music can be used as ceremonial music for the ceremony of rites of passage (Rites of the Altomesayok - Wisdomkeeper's Rites) given during the North Direction of the Inca (Inka) Medicine Wheel or the Munay-Ki rites ceremony... or whenever you wish to connect deeply to our blessed earth mother, Pachamama...

bright blessings with love and light...weaver x (((o)))

kneel down
with the grasses before you
and listen for the winds whisper...
allow the mountains
to surround you
and sing
with the heavens above!
-- weaver, 1974


What others have said about "song to the apukuna"...

. . . . . . . ."Everytime I listen to carol weaver's "song to the apukuna" it takes me on a musical journey. This unique musical piece weaves my mind through a story. Each time I indulge, the story changes depending on my mood and what's happening at the moment in my life. I highly recommend this CD to the musical and/or spiritually conscious.
-- J. DeTracey, Vancouver, BC Canada apu song

. . . . . . . . "From my heart to yours, thank-you weaver for "song to the apukuna". This truly is a work inspired. It reasonates with the ancientness of my soul. Grounding me to the Mother while calling to the power and strength of our sacred mountains. It is vast, yet deeply intimate. Be it for ceremony or meditation, "song to the apukuna" honor both."
-- In munay, love P. Jensen , Heffley Creek, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . "I began my journey into shamanism when I fell in love with Apu Ausangate in 1996. Sitting in the lap of that mountain, with the Southern Cross wheeling above me, I listened to the Q'ero medicine people sing their love, and their profound respect and honour to their Apu. In this CD, carol weaver has captured the essence of that heartfelt love for all of our great Apu sprits. Ho!"
-- L. Summerlot Zammuto, Melbourne, Australia

. . . . . . . . "Hi carol... Have "song to the apukuna" playing here, again and just wanted to say that I think it is a really extraordinary piece. Your freedom from "performing" and "the song" is palpable and the flow of it all is pure magic. Thanks so much for doing it - it's fast become a real favorite, right up there with some of TKs sound work.
-- Love, R. Ellis, Victoria, BC Canada

. . . . . . . . "I am preparing a talk...on the Spirit of the Drum. When I listened to "song to the apukuna", I thought immediately of using it to introduce the drum as sacred partner on the journey to the word of spirit.
-- J. Millen, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

. . . . . . . . "Oh my God!!!!!!!!! Your voice... it is, it becomes, something way more than a human voice, it sounds to me as the voice of something that does not live here, but in some magnificent dimension that we are all seeking to reach... well, I'm not quite sure how to explain, but now this piece has surpassed heart level mantra/puja to something even bigger... I heard power, strength and also sweet soothing feminine. You sang to those mountains like a sweet celestial lover."
-- M. Metcalf, Victoria BC Canada



Song to the Apukuna Lyrics

{Mountain name] - pls see list below)...
Humpui, Humpua...
Bandera... Bandera...

"Humpui, Humpuay" loosely translated means, "Come to me, Come to me"... "Bandera" means flag, banner, colours; ensign; marker... in this context, acknowledgement, honouring and pride to each apu/mountain spirit...

List of Mountain (Apukuna) spirit-names in the order chanted on track...

Machu Picchu
Huaman Lipa
Wakay Willk'a
Huayna Picchu
Mama Simona
Two Sisters (Lions)

Note.. in this track, this mountain/apukuna list is chanted twice...


released January 1, 2007
- for meditation and ceremony, time: 50 mins
- weaver, vocals, rattle, qilaut grandmother wind drum (laughing wolf) including production + cover art...
- Matthew Walsh, engineering, mixing, mastering + magic
- Many thanks to Valerie Owen... know my gratitude for your teaching + guidance...


all rights reserved



(((o))) weaver Gabriola, British Columbia

...i'm a creative soul walking softly on our blessed earth mother's back...

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